Who can apply for the funding?

Eligible applicants

The proposed project must be located in Ardglass, Kilkeel or Portavogie and surrounding areas. To be deemed eligible, each applicant must demonstrate how the proposed project will positive impact on the fishing dependent communities of Ardglass/Kilkeel/Portavogie.

Applications are open to many applicants within the fisheries, aquaculture and related sectionsand their wider communities and include, but are not limited to: –

  • The owner of an Northern Ireland registered fishing vessel and you commercially fish from a port based in Northern Ireland
  • A fisherwoman, spouse or legal partner of a fisherman
  • A producer organisation, Inter-branch organisation or a public or semi-public organisation
  • An aquaculture business or association
  • An organisation of fishermen or fisherwomen
  • Those involved in production, processing, marketing, distribution or commercial retail of fisheries and aquaculture products such as restaurants, fishmongers, suppliers etc.
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Universities, training, education, scientific and research institutes involved with the maritime sectors
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Micro, small and medium-sized businesses


All applications must demonstrate that the proposal fits within one of the five themes of the FLAG Strategy and positively impacts the fishing dependent communities.

  • Adding value, creating jobs, attracting young people and promoting innovation at all stages of the supply chain of fishery and aquaculture products
  • Supporting diversification inside or outside commercial fisheries, lifelong learning and job creation in fisheries and aquaculture areas
  • Enhancing and capitalising on the environmental assets of the fisheries and aquaculture areas, including operations to mitigate climate change
  • Promoting social well-being and cultural heritage in fisheries and aquaculture areas, including fisheries, aquaculture and maritime cultural heritage
  • Strengthen the role of fisheries communities in local development and governance of local fisheries resources and maritime activities

Available funding

Project Promoter Min. Grant per project application £ Max. Grant per project application £ Level of Support
Commercial Projects 1,000 25,000*


*New Businesses

Up to 50%
Non-Commercial Projects 1,000 125,000 Up to 80%

What is eligible / ineligible?

  1. Site/new building acquisition (up to 10% of total project costs)
  2. Site Preparation
  3. The construction, or improvement of immovable property
  4. Purchase of new machinery and equipment
  5. Environmental improvements
  6. Staffing costs directly attributable to project delivery
  7. Provision/improvement of community visitor/cultural facilities
  8. Costs relating directly to development of the project to application stage and prior to applying to the fund (up to 10% of total project costs)
  9. Travel costs up to delivery of project
  10. Non-Recoverable VAT
  11. Marketing
  12. Purchase/leasing of equipment up to delivery of project
  1. Increases to the fishing effort of fishing vessels or their ability to find or catch fish
  2. Exploratory Fishing
  3. Transfer ownership of a business
  4. Acquisition of an existing building
  5. Leasing of equipment
  6. Bank charges on accounts
  7. Recoverable VAT
  8. Staffing costs that are not directly attributable to project delivery
  9. Ongoing staff (salary) costs
  10. Any cost associated with meeting a legislative or statutory requirement
  11. Training that is mandatory under statutory provision
  12. Related research or studies carried out in respect of the project prior to the official project start date
  13. Volunteer costs unless an in-kind contribution which may be considered eligible
  14. Gifts and donations or competition prizes
  15. Statutory responsibilities of Local Authorities – housing, health, social work, school (main curriculum) and higher education
  16. Routine repairs and maintenance
  17. Projects which are a continuation of an existing scheme or of other source of funding
  18. Projects which merely replace an existing facility or scheme
  19. Replacement investments i.e. new for old/like for like and maintenance costs for existing buildings, plant or equipment
  20. Costs deemed to be a running cost or consumable, e.g., direct overheads, operating costs of premises, interest refinancing costs, overheads and insurance charges
  21. Lease/Hire purchase of machinery and equipment
  22. Purchasing mobile vehicles (eg tractors, trailers and vans) – except where it is of specialist nature required to meet business need and incapable of being used for any other purpose other than that for which the funded was awarded
  23. Expenditure incurred or work commenced/goods purchased before approval from FLAG
  24. Retail items
  25. The purchase of any second hand equipment – except in exceptional circumstances

This list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure whether your project is eligible or ineligible you should contact SEA FLAG Administration Unit.

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